Why I hate MTS – Review!

The worst of all in MTS is their entry into the 4G Internet market for computers and laptops using wireless USB modems – for 16 years of surfing on the waves of the Internet, I have never seen worse transmission and reception speeds in any device designed for this.

We are talking about the MTS ZTE MF192 + modem, do not buy it under any pretext.

If everyone else is reading, dear Lord…

MTS is the most disgusting because of the constant disconnections due to the poor connection of contacts inside the modem.

Sometimes you can connect five times in a row and end up not using the Internet.

The modem connects, connects, and within a minute or less there is a break.

And the speed sometimes reaches 1 bit per second – any of us calculates faster on a calculator than this modem transmits information.

To open one site, you need to wait until such columns of about five “pass”, but often the site will not open (error 108 operation timeout).

The MTS Connect tariffs themselves are terrible, but the MTS Internet Assistant smells even worse.

Stylish and cute on the outside, but on the inside read the five-letter word above.

The most essential links simply don’t work.

Tips for those who have to or have to work with this “G” for various reasons:

Install a fast browser – Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.


Never when do not open many windows in the browser, the more windows are open, the faster the speed goes to zero.

If you decide to use non-unlimited traffic, immediately leave this blog, waste is not welcome here.

In continuation of the third point – if you change the place of using 3G Internet (for example, went to the sea for a month or move to another region) from MTS and do not want to pay for Roaming.

You will naturally have to buy a SIM card at the place of use of the MTS Connect.


As Salehoo review says “I will let you in on a little secret.” 

The new SIM card MTS-Connect is initially paid for the traffic of 1.5 rubles per megabyte (horror).

You will have to change the tariff, and if you do not want to throw 1000 rubles a day down the drain, switch right away.

The Internet assistant, as I already said, is made through the place from where MTS is connected and is taken.

Those it will not work to switch to an unlimited plan within the MTS Connect tariff, and do not try.

Better go straight to MTS RU, the MTS-Connect Kit tab, and see which unlimited tariff suits you best.

Chose a tariff, write down the command you need to dial the phone.

Attention: I emphasize only on the phone, do not try to do this operation in the connection manager by connecting the modem with a new SIM card to the computer, just waste your time and money.

Do not think this is not a special selection, but only the first five from the search results for the query “MTS reviews”, with the exception of course the site of this company.

Come on, God be their judge, but the communication problem will have to be solved.

Hurray, a solution has been found – 4G.

It’s strange that I hadn’t thought of it before, because the Yota brand had already crossed with the Scartel corporation, but then they were just unfolding, and the coverage in Moscow was just being created, a piece is a piece here (nonsense is shorter).

Yesterday one “techie” came with a laptop, with a Samsung modem “Yota” and it turned out that 4 out of five sticks were shown by the connection manager.

Yes, here Wi-Fi all have three sticks only!

See 4G prices for yourself at website companies.

Most of all I liked the opportunity to stay connected up to 64 kbps completely free of charge until the end of 2020.

Alternatively, you can of course use Wi-Fi, there is Beeline Free, but the quality of the free is not important 2 sticks, and even then not always.

By the way, for use over Wi-Fi, I really liked the Android smartphone from Motorola – Motorola Milestone (American name: Motorola Droid).

A touch screen, a powerful processor, GPS, Wi-fi, an all-metal case with soft-touch coating, and, most importantly, a large retractable keyboard, well, etc.

And the processor speed can be doubled by special software milestone overclock, just right for these android smartphones.

In the future, you need to think about purchasing something similar.

Note: if, having tried “MTS-Connect” before that day, I thought that the Internet was MTS-worst, then after reading the reviews I have no doubt that the rest is no better for this “company”.


The following lines were added on 10.09.2020 in response to the comments of MTS.

On the 20th of January, MTS sent a postcard with a request to pay for the Internet using another Connect-4 (regional) card, well, of course, I decided to find out by the number 8800, etc. how much debt is specified in this message?

I broke that SIM card and threw it into the toilet 2-3 months ago.

MTS, as usual, made me happy: a pleasant female voice said that it was MTS “A-Bad-Service” press then, press this and if you want to contact the operator press “zero” in short…

Well, press “0”!

And what do we hear?

Again, the same voice continues to flood already about tariffs such, such and others.



Where is the operator?

There is no one there…

Let’s go further since MTS never ceases to amaze its users.

Upon arrival in Moscow, we connect a second – fresh SIM card with a poor modem in the picture – morning 31, January 2020 Error 763 (not exactly, I don’t remember exactly).

After a while, about 20 minutes – error 777, which for MTS means that it’s time to share the “bubble” with the company.

Why is it on the 31st, the month has not ended or you have problems with the calendar?

Why does 270 show on the account and there is no connection?

On the second question, I can answer for MTS: “Because all normal people refuse the services of MTS, otherwise we will get at least something from you for free in our pockets”.

Okay, as they say “to hell with him”, we are waiting for the advance.

Day 01.02.2020 the advance was received – according to the program put 200 rubles on the account of MTS Connect.

We go to the nearest “Euroset” – the answer is “we do not accept payments”.

“Okay”I say: “exchange at least a thousand through the terminal.”

Change 2 x 500, no others.

500 rubles MTS – yeah right now.

I had to deal with Internet banking and deposit ATMs.

I did everything I wanted and did not want – it doesn’t matter, the main thing is 200 rubles.

In general, I put it somehow worked through the ass, well, at least something.

But the point is not that, but that we managed to find out that here in Euroset on the first day of every month there are such problems with MTS.

Bravo MTS!

Found something to do and then without you.

It would be boring!


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