The “Not So Serious” Batman Game? Find out in this Gotham City Impostors Review.

Gotham city Impostors is a free First Person Shooter available for download through Steam. In the game, you take control of a Batman or Joker wannabe and use DIY weapons to basically dumpster the opposition. The concept is unique, and although it won’t match the premier FPS games such as Battlefield or Call of Duty in terms of polish and presentation, the gameplay is solid and will warrant a considerable amount of your precious gaming time.

The graphics are inspired by the comic book style of the Adam West Batman series and gives the game a fun atmosphere as opposed to the darker Batman movies/games that have come out recently. The stages are very well made and realized and the DIY weapons gadgets that your characters use are pretty damn funny like a Fischer Price Headset.

Where Gotham City Impostors really shows that it is a cut above the free-to-play games out there is how good the overall gameplay runs. The controls feel great and matches have a great, frantic pace to them. There can be up to twelve players simultaneously playing any of the game’s four modes: the classic Team Deathmatch game mode. Team take out team. Fumigation, where you are tasked to capture several outposts, Bounty Hunter sends you to collect coins from fallen enemies, and my personal favorite, Psych Warfare which is a capture-the-flag-type where you are treated to the opposition going insane when your team succeeds.

You can run around with roller skates, use your glider wings to swoop on an enemy and use grappling hooks for those hard to reach areas which really gives the game its over-the-top presentation. Add to that the several power-ups like rocket propulsion and spring boots and you’re good to go. Overall, the gameplay is different from other FPS games out there and is controls are solid enough for FPS veteran players to enjoy.

The game’s biggest hook however, is the amount of customization available for you to play with. You have several face and body (and even voice) types, weapon and weapon modifications, and costumes to unlock. Though the combinations aren’t endless, they are enough for you to create your own unique character… …if you’re willing to work for it. See, the Gotham City Impostor’s unlockables are not very easy to obtain. There are 100 levels as of writing and the game’s design of moving up the ranks means that you have to grind your way through all those levels. After investing so much time to unlocking a certain feature, you can’t help but feel that you kind of deserved more than what you got.

All in all, Gotham City Impostors is a great game and is a cut above the run-of-the-mill free-to-play online games out there. The controls are tight and the concept is successfully realized and it is enough to give Gotham City Impostors a spin.

Incidentally the game is also available as demo’s on Xbox360, rocket league boosting and Playstation3


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