So Many Poker Games, So Little Time

The chaos started with my first visit to a recommended site to play an online poker game. I signed up at the card room my best friend plays poker at with the intention of playing one online poker game. A few hours later, and with a few dollars left on my initial deposit I realized that I could find could actually get some enjoyment from an internet poker game.

Before my online poker experience I viewed online poker games with skepticism.

A traditionalist for most of my life, I doubted that playing a poker game online would be able to match the enjoyment I get playing live poker. My doubts soon disappeared after only a few hands of Texas Holdem and a brief stint at Omaha. I could not believe how fast and realistic online poker could be. I found a range of poker players from fishes to average happy go lucky to link alternatif pokerace99 and even a few sharp ‘expert’ card sharks. I played a few hands for real money and soon decided I better hone my skills so I decided to participate in a few free poker games. I dedicated a few hours a week over the next month and played free poker games until I gathered more experience and confidence. I am glad I made the decision to practice playing poker on the free poker software.

Free poker players tend to be a little more friendly and willing to advise you, yet they all still remain competitive.

Although I found myself playing free poker games, I soon noticed that people take any kind of poker game seriously. All these factors accelerated my poker development I am sure.

After a month of playing online poker game after online poker game, I decided to take another chance and play for money.

I soon enjoyed the fruits of my labor as I began winning. Probably the most important skills I learned while playing online poker games are the ability to read a player, and patience. I did not know when to hold and when to fold when I played my first few poker games, I went after every hand sometimes betting all the way to the river only to end up with nothing. I make fewer mistakes and I actually enjoy knowing that I am no longer the amateur trying to hold on with not enough experience playing poker games.


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