Most exciting masterpiece and most unprofessional racing game

The most exciting masterpiece

Warcraft 3 (WarcraftIII: Reign of Chaos) game type: even strategy + role-playing game development: Blizzard game release: Blizzard

A lot of praise is unnecessary at this moment, the only thing that I recall in my mind is the thrilling animation, the exquisite pictures, such as the sad story, the bloody war…

Blizzard once again confidently brought “Warcraft 3” Stand up and shout to the world:

Real-time strategy does this!

The birth of a game, the advent of an era, maybe only Blizzard, maybe only “Warcraft 3”!

In my memory, it seems that only a few RPGs brought us the adventure experience, and a few RTS brought us the war experience, which will make me remember to this day.

And today in “Warcraft 3”, they are perfectly combined, and such a perfect combination is a Blizzard miracle we never thought of!

Back then, when their “Diablo” appeared, we knew that RPG could do this; today, when “Warcraft 3” appeared, we knew that RTS could do the same.

Tomorrow, maybe we should be this way think of a new name for the brand new game mode!

The heroes in the game have the concept of levels.

“Thousands of troops are easy to move, but a general is hard to find.”

As long as the player trains hard, he can become stronger and stronger with him (her or it).

In the hero training mechanism, all four races can recruit heroes by constructing tavern-like buildings.

Each race has only three specific candidates, and the first hero recruited at the beginning of the game does not cost resources at all.

Later, you can recruit other heroes as the pace of upgrading accelerates, something similar to Rise of Kingdoms Homepage.

In addition, the hero’s upgrade system is also a key point.

As the number of heroes killed in the war increases, the experience value will also increase.

When a certain standard is reached, the level can be increased, and then a skill point will be awarded as a reward.

Players can arbitrarily assign to increase the hero’s abilities, and can also pick up the items dropped by the enemy, all of which draw on the success of another classic Blizzard series “Diablo”.

The most unprofessional racing game

“Need For Speed VI: Hot Pursuit 2” (NeedForSpeed: HotPursuit2) Game Type: Racing Production Company: EASPORTS Publishing Company: EASPORTS

The arrival of “Need for Speed VI: Heat Tracking 2” completely breaks the dream of professional racing players…

If you are an ordinary player, “Need for Speed VI” is for you, it is full of fun.

If you are a professional player.

“Need for Speed VI” is not what you want, it can’t be strictly called a racing game, it can only be regarded as a sports car entertainment game!

“Need for Speed VI” pinned the hope of two generations of players in the “Need for Speed” series, but in the end it gave up authenticity!

For car owners, maintenance and debugging is a necessary means to maintain the car.

In “Need for Speed” 5, we can change the performance of the car by fine-tuning the settings, so that it can play to the limit on all kinds of roads, but, “Need for Speed VI” has cancelled this design.

After players have fully mastered the performance of the existing sports car, they can no longer modify the sports car to show their personality.

Although “Need for Speed VI” contains a lot of sports cars and tracks, but at first only a very small part can be played, and a lot of exciting content is locked.

Activate it not only to successfully complete each level, but also to accumulate enough points.

In order to drive their favorite car, everyone has to endure the inferior performance of the junior sports car, and struggle with the police car to earn points.

In the early days of the game, the police car is like a bulldozer, as long as it is touched by it, it will lose its balance, and the police car seems to be only the player.

I sometimes deliberately follow behind other cars in order to avoid running ahead and being spotted by police cars, but watching them pass smoothly one by one, only when the police cars turn on the lights when they get to my place, they are restrained by low-energy procedures.

The feeling of anger is extremely strong.

Fortunately, the judgment of arrest is better.

It only counts when the player’s vehicle is completely stuck or overturned by the police car, which is more reasonable than the third generation.

The animation after the arrest is extremely exaggerated.

Could it be that the player is acting as a criminal fugitive?

How can we use the “multinational force” and police dogs?

In addition, this work fits its name very well, and police are involved in almost every mode.

In terms of operation, the feeling of “Need for Speed VI” is basically the same as that of the third generation.

But, this driving method without braking without special circumstances is undoubtedly a painful blow to those who are keen on the fifth generation.

The real physical inertia is greatly reduced, the 90-degree turn can be passed through acceleration, and the feeling of the tail flick is similar to that in “Initial D”.

This huge gap can be felt as long as you drive the Porsche in “Need for Speed VI”. The physical characteristics of the sports car are simulated terribly.

Driving the car in “Need for Speed VI” will not have the delicate feeling of driving a real car.

The super-sturdy body, the suspension of the off-road vehicle… It’s hard to imagine that we are driving a luxury sports car, and it feels like a jeep… This design reduces the difficulty of the game and pleases most ordinary players and the support of “Need for Speed” 3.

But for those experienced racing fans, “Need for Speed VI” is probably a toy car game without realism.


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