In other news, Gerardo Suero likes shooting free throws

by January 4, 2012

In case it’s not clear how absurd the rate at which Gerardo Suero draws fouls is, consider this:

Gerardo Suero has attempted 136 free throws in 14 games.

Let’s assume that he continues to draw fouls at the same rate (which, while regression may play a factor, is a reasonable assumption considering the general quality of AE defenses and the whistle-happy AE refs). Let’s also assume Suero stays healthy and his playing time remains the same. He would then play in at least 17 more games (15 AE regular-season games, the BracketBuster, and one AE tournament game).

Over a total of 31 games, that projects to 301 free throws. Let’s round down to 300 for a nice, even number.

Here’s the list of America East players (going all the way back to the 1979-1980 season when the league was called the ECAC NAC) who have attempted at least 300 free throws in a season:

Nobody. Ever.

Okay, so maybe Suero won’t keep that rate. Let’s be more conservative and assume his free throw attempts per game drop by 25% going forward. If that happens, then instead of projecting an additional 165 free throws, we project an additional 124 free throws, for 260 free throws total.

Here’s the list of every player in America East history (all 32 seasons of it) who have attempted at least 260 free throws in a season:

Taylor Coppenrath

One guy – arguably the single most unstoppable force in the history of the conference (and it’s not a hard argument). That’s Suero’s only company at the free throw line – and that’s if Suero slows down.

But that’s not the crazy fact.

As mentioned earlier, Suero has attempted 136 free throws. Last season, here is the list of players who attempted at least 136 free throws:

John Holland

That’s the whole list. You read that right: Suero has already taken more free throws (in 14 games) than any America East player not named John Holland did in an entire season last year. I’m not sure there’s a way to adequately describe how ridiculous that is, so instead, let’s watch this Corgi jump off a dock:

Edit: Now that StatSheet decided to fix its statsheet, I see that Suero has played 15 games, not 14. That changes his current pace to 281 free throws, which, while still ridiculous, would fall short of Coppenrath’s mark. That being said, Albany looks like a pretty safe bet to play more than one postseason game, so it’s still reasonable to imagine Suero reaching Coppenrath’s mark anyway.